Library is housed in a centrally located and beautifully designed building. Spacious reading halls, most modern IT infrastructure provide the right ambience for reading and research in the Library.

It provides a campus-wide access to its catalog and e-resources through Wi-Fi technology. The library is developing a comprehensive collection of print, digital and media resources on law, business, international relations and public policy to fulfill the teaching needs of the college. We aim to develop a collection of 1,00,000 books within next 3 years. The teaching work of the College, however, is also supported by online resources such as Westlaw International, LexisNexis, Hein Online, JSTOR, Manupatra, and IndLaw which provide access to over 3000 electronic journals, reports and a variety of other resources. Library reference service for library patrons and collection management practices meet international standards and are aimed even higher.