We are proud to be one of the leading law college in the country with a worldwide reputation for excellence in legal education and research. We have a strong network with business and industry and are home to some of the most prestigious research centres in the world.

If you are looking for a law school with a history of diversity and a dynamic student body, we encourage you to take a serious look at the Lala Ami Chand Monga Memorial Law college.

We are a nationally prominent law school and part of a world-class university. And we don’t just talk about diversity — we care about it. We have created an environment where all students are respected, and we’ve been recognized as a place where diversity works.

Students are supported with an extracurricular programme that helps them forge professional contacts and gain work experience through our careers fair, employability skills programme, teambuilding and skills development projects. Our academic staff are experienced lecturers and are passionate about their subjects.

Our students come from all over the country and from all backgrounds. We look for variety among our admitted students because we believe it makes for a robust and exciting learning environment. We look for students with different life experiences, socio-economic backgrounds, professional experiences, and professional goals. We want all kinds of students who can represent all kinds of people.

We have a top-notch faculty, an award-winning facility, and an impressive curriculum, and we offer superb academic and career opportunities.